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        1. 免费异族zoo


          【一?Kev nkag mus mloog Xov Tooj Cua Zoo Tswv Zov Yaj yog li no

          Kev nkag mus mloog Xov Tooj Cua Zoo Tswv Zov Yaj yog li no.

          1. Nkag mus raws tus website no:

          2. Xaiv thiab nias ntawm Audio Feeds.

          3. Tom qab nias ntawm Audio Feeds yuav pom muaj ntau ntau xeem lus. Xaiv thiab nias ntawm


          mas yuav nkag mus mloog ua xeem lus Hmoob.

          4. Tom qab uas nias ntawm Hmong lawm, yuav pom muaj cov zaj niaj lub hlis uas tshaj tawm nyob

          hauv xyoo 2012. Xaiv thiab nias ntawm lub hlis uas xav mloog.

          5. Thaum nias ntawm lub hlis mas yuav pom muaj cov zaj uas niaj hnub tshaj tawm. Xaiv thiab nias

          ntawm zaj hnub uas xav mloog.

          6. Thaum nias ntawm zaj hnub uas yuav mloog, mas yuav muaj ib qho tshwm tuaj nug tias yuav

          qhib mloog (Open) los yuav muaj khaws cia (Save).

          Yog yuav mloog ces nias ntawm (Open), hos yog xav muab khaws cia ces nias ntawm (Save).

          【二?英语:Module 9?A trip to the zoo》同步练?(外研社版七年级上)

          The Test of Module 9

          Class: Name: Scores:

          No.1 Translation.英汉互译?(5?


          3.南美洲_______________4.北京动物园_____________5.live in______________

          No.2 Phonetics. 找出划线部分发音与所给单词相同的单词?5? ( ) 1. bear A. near B. wear C. hear ( ) 2. here A. there B. where C. year ( ) 3. pair A. Oceania B. theatre C. hair ( ) 4. dear A. idea B. polar bear C. pair ( ) 5. breakfast A. meat B. red C. teach

          No.3 Vocabulary .根据首字母完成单词?10?

          1. Pandas like eating b _______ very much. It’s their favourite food.

          2. The e________ has a very long nose, and it can help people work.

          3. There are many people in Beijing Zoo e______ day.

          4. M _______ like jumping and climbing trees.

          5. The camel lives in the d________ and eats grass. It doesn’t often drink water.

          6. These people come from Australia. They are A__________.

          7. China is one of the biggest countries (国家) in A _______.

          8.The snake c_______ from America.

          9.The wolf lives in the E___________ forests.

          10. ---What’s your sister’s job?

          ---She’s a g_______. And she often takes visitors to some interesting places. No.4 Choose the best answers. (20?

          ( )1.Welcome ______our school, girl. A. to B. at C. / D. in

          ( )2.There are two _______ students in our school.

          A. thousand B. hundreds C. thousands D. thousandes

          ( )3. The tiger ______ grass. It likes eating meat.

          A. doesn’t eats B. doesn’t eat C. don’t eat D. not eat

          ( )4. Does a panda eat meat ? ______________.

          A. No, they don’t B. No, it doesn’t C. Yes ,it does D.No,it don’t.

          ( )5.Where _____ the wolf come from ? It ________from Europe.

          A. do?comes B. is?.is C. does?comes D. does„come

          ( )6. Does the boy come from Guangzhou ? ____________.

          A. Yes, he does B. Yes, he is C. No, he don’t D. No, the boy doesn’t.

          ( )7. There ______an elephant, two monkeys and three snakes in the zoo.

          A. be B. are C. is D. am

          ( )8. He ______ his homework every day.

          A. doesn’t do B. don’t do C. doesn’t does D.do

          ( )9. This is ______ European lion. A. a B. an C. the D.\

          ( )10. It is ______ African camel . A. a B. an C. the D.\

          ( )11. The panda _________ in Asia. A. lives B. live C. comes D.living

                    <p>(    )12. Tigers _____ eat fruit and camels ______ eat meat.</p>
                    <p>A. don’t ? doesn’t  B. doesn’t „don’t C. don’t ? don’t</p>
                    <p>(    )13.China is in ______ .   A. Africa    B. Asia    C. Europe D.Oceania</p>
                    <p>(    )14. These are ______ wolves. A. America B.African  B. Europe D.Oceania</p>
                    <p>(    )15. The tiger lives in the _____. A. desert   B. sea    C. forest  D.sky</p>
                    <p>(    )16.The girl comes from Europe. She is a ___________.</p>
                    <p>A. Australian    B. African     C. European   D.Europe</p>
                    <p>(    )17.My grandma lives in Beijing. I ______ her every year.</p>
                    <p>A. write    B. visit     C. look at  D.read</p>
                    <p>(    )18.Would you like_______the panda with me tomorrow?</p>
                    <p>A.see      B.to see     C.seeing    D.sees</p>
                    <p>(    )19. The Tigers _____ meat.     A. eat    B. eats    C. to eat  D.eating</p>
                    <p>(    )20. ---Does the snake come from America?</p>
                    <p>---_________________. It comes from Africa.</p>
                    <p>A.Yes,it does  B.No,it doesn’t  C.Yes,it is   D.No,it isn’t</p>
                    <p>No.5 Fill in the blanks.用所给词的适当形式填空(10?</p>
                    <p>1. The lion _________ ( not  eat ) grass. It likes ___________ (eat) meat.</p>
                    <p>2. There is a zebra and two horses over there.There ________ ( be )also some sheep.</p>
                    <p>3. Our school _________ ( have ) more than five hundred students.</p>
                    <p>All of us ________ ( work ) hard at English.</p>
                    <p>4. __________ the snake __________ ( like ) fruit ? No, it __________ ( not  do )</p>
                    <p>5. Daming likes to _____ ( visit ) Beijing Zoo. He often ____ ( visit ) animals there. No.6 Change the sentences according to the request.(10? 1. The polar bear lives in the Arctic. (就划线部分提?</p>
                    <p>_______  ______the polar bear ______?</p>
                    <p>2. The tiger likes to eat grass? (改为否定?The tiger ______  _____to eat grass. 3. The zoo has five thousand animals. (对划线部分提?</p>
                    <p>_______  ______animals ______the zoo _______?</p>
                    <p>4. The elephant comes from Africa. (改为一般疑问句,并回答)</p>
                    <p>_______ the elephant _______  _________Africa? No,_____  _______.</p>
                    <p>5. There are some giraffes on the grassland. (改为一般疑问句?/p>
                    <p>______  _______  ______giraffes on the grassland?</p>
                    <p>5.Lucy is from Australia. (同义?   Lucy ______  ______Australia.</p>
                    <p>=Lucy is ____________.</p>
                    <p>No.7 Translate the following sentences into English.(15?</p>
                    <p>______  ______   three  ________ animals in Guangzhou Zoo.</p>
                    <p>We come from _______ and he _______  ________  ________.</p>
                    <p>Pandas ______  ________and_______ but they ______ eat meat.</p>
                    <p>The lion comes from Africa , it is _____  ______ lion.</p>
                    <p>5.袋鼠来自亚洲吗? 不,它来自澳洲?/p>
                    <p>_____ the kangaroo come from Asia?</p>
                    <p>No, it ________. It comes from_______.</p>
                    <p>6.蛇是大明最爱的动物?The snake ______ Daming’s ________  ________.</p>
                    <p>The tigers _____  ______the _______,they eat meat and small animals.</p>
                    <p>The panda is from China, and it ______  ______  ________  ______.</p>
                    <p>9.你最喜欢的动物是什么?______  ______   ______  ________ animal ?</p>
                    <p>No.8 Fill in the correct sentences to finish the dialogue.补全对话(5?</p>
                    <p>A: (1)_______________________     B: It’s a polar bear.www.fz173.com_免费异族zoo?/p>                
                    <p>A:( 2)________________________    B: It’s white.</p>
                    <p>A: (3)_________________________   B: It comes from the Arctic.</p>
                    <p>A: Do you like the polar bear best?</p>
                    <p>B: (4)______________But I like panda best. (5)_______________________</p>
                    <p>A: My favourite animal is the kangaroo.</p>
                    <p>No.9 Cloze(10?</p>
                    <p>Mr.Ben’s house __1___ near Mrs Carter’s house. Mr. Ben is a clever(聪明? __2__. One day, he says to Mrs Carter,“Good __3___, Mrs. Carter. I __4__ many friends __5__ my house today. __6__ I borrow(? two chairs ??/p>
                    <p>Mrs Carter says ,“Sure(当然), but please give ___7__ back(? this afternoon. My son and daughter are coming back.?In the afternoon, Mr. Ben gives three chairs to Mr. Carter. He says ,”Your chair __8_ a baby.?The next day, Mr. Ben borrows a chair from Mrs. Carter again, ___9___at this time ,he doesn’t give it back. He says ?Your chair __10__ dead (死了) today.?/p>
                    <p>(    )1. A . are            B. is            C. does         D. do</p>
                    <p>(    )2. A. man            B. people        C. girl         D. woman</p>
                    <p>(    )3. A. Afternoon        B. today        C. morning      D.evening</p>
                    <p>(    )4.A.have             B.has           C.am           D.are</p>
                    <p>(    )5. A. at              B. in            C. on           D.from</p>
                    <p>(    )6. A. Have            B. Has          C. Do          D.Can</p>
                    <p>(     )7. A.it               B.them         C.this          D.that</p>
                    <p>(     )8.A.have             B.has           C.is           D.are</p>
                    <p>(     )9.A.and              B.so            C.but          D.also</p>
                    <p>(     )10.A.be              B.is             C.go          D.are</p>
                    <p>No.10 Reading comprehension (10?</p>
                    <p>London is a very big city. There are three big parks in London. There is Hyde Park, there is St James Park, and there is Regent Park. London’s famous(著名? zoo is in Regent Park. In the zoo there are animals from Africa, from Asia, from America and from Europe. There are big birds and long snakes in cages(笼子). There are monkeys and elephants in cages ,too, and you can give bananas to them. In the parks you can play football, you can watch the magic show , you can read your book or you can run. Check(T)the true sentences and (F) the false sentences.</p>
                    <p>(      )1.There are three zoos in London.</p>
                    <p>(      )2.London’s famous zoo is in St James Park.</p>
                    <p>(      )3.There are animals from Africa, Asia, America and Europe.</p>
                    <p>(      )4.You can give bananas to the monkeys and the elephants in cages.</p>
                    <p>(      )5.You can play football in the zoo.</p>
                    <p>Mary works at a factory . She starts working at eight in the morning. She has a break at noon for one hour. She finishes working at five in the afternoon. At five the factory closes. Everybody goes home. Some people drive home . Some ride bikes. Some take the bus. But Mary walks(步行) home. She likes to walk. She walks?and walks, and walks and walks. Mary lives eight miles(英里) from the factory. She walks for three hours. At eight in the evening, Mary is at home. She eats dinner. At ten she goes to bed. Mary is tired(累了). She is 82 years old.</p>
                    <p>(  )1. What is Mary ?       A. She is a girl.     B. She is a doctor.</p>
                    <p>C. She is a worker.  D. He is a man.</p>
                    <p>(  ) 2.How many hours does Mary work in one day ?   A. About 9 hours</p>
                    <p>B. About 8 hours   C. About 10 hours      D. About 7 hours.</p>
                    <p>(  )3. Which sentence(句子) is right ?</p>
                    <p>A. Mary rides home     B. Mary takes a bus home</p>
                    <p>C. Mary walks home    D. Mary drives home</p>
                    <p>(  ) 4. Where does Mary eat dinner ?</p>
                    <p>A. At home  B. At the factory  C. In a bus   D. In a hospital</p>
                    <p>(  )5. Where is Mary’s home ?</p>
                    <p>A. It’s near Mary’s factory.      B. It’s in front of the factory.</p>
                    <p>C. It’s not near the factory.      D. It’s next to the factory.</p><p align=center><h3 style=【三?zoo编程?/h3>



          (1) 根据下面的目录结构图改写?个程序,即创建一个具有包等级的系统。(直接在原来程序上修改?/p>

          (2) 为Fish.java和Lion.java补写move方法。(直接在原来程序上修改?/p>

          (3) 改写Zoo.java:分别创建Ostrich、Animal、Bird、Fish、Lion等类的对象,然后调用这些对象的move方法,并分析改动后,程序的运行结果是什么。(写在本页?/p>

          (4) 如果没有做上面第(2)步,Zoo.java能正常编译运行吗?如果能运行,那么程序的运行结果是什么?(写在本页)

          (5) 改写Lion.java:分别创建Ostrich、Animal、Bird、Fish等类的对象,然后调用这些对象的move方法,并分析改动后,程序的运行结果是什么。(写在本页?/p>


          public class Animal


          private int legs;

          private String kind;

          static private int count;

          public Animal()




                    <p>public Animal(int l)</p>
                    <p>{www.fz173.com_免费异族zoo?/p>                    <p>setLegs(l);</p>
                    <p>public void eat() {  System.out.println("Eating"); }   public void move() {  System.out.println("Moving"); }  public void setLegs(int l) {  if (l != 0 && l != 2 && l != 4)  {   System.out.println("Wrong number of legs!");   return;  }    legs=l; }  public int getLegs() {  return legs; } public void setKind(String str) {  kind=str; } public String getKind() {  return kind; } static public int getCount() {  return count; }</p>
                    <p>public class Fish extends Animal</p>
                    <p>static private int count;</p>
                    <p>public Fish()</p>
                    <p>static public int getCount()</p>
                    <p>return count;</p>
                    <p>public class Lion extends Animal</p>
                    <p>static private int count;</p>
                    <p>public Lion()</p>
                    <p>static public int getCount()</p>
                    <p>return count;</p>
                    <p>public class Bird extends Animal</p>
<img src='http://p1.meituan.net/deal/2d707ca719eda0e53b7ee9b5cb7281bb246187.jpg' alt=


          static private int count;

          public Bird()






          public void move()


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